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In 2011, the Zaporizhzhia club BarabanZA was created on the basis of the public organization Center for the Development of Business Technologies and Culture. At first it was just an ethno-musical club, on the basis of which lovers of drum music gathered and played music. Over time, the club turned into an ethnomusical school, in which everyone was regularly trained in 4 areas: djembe (Africa), darbuka (Middle East, Egypt, Turkey), frame drum (Middle East, Italy, India) and jew's-harp (Ukraine, Northern peoples, Scandinavia). Later, the Zaporizhzhia Tulumbasy, an authentic tool of the Zaporizhzhia Territory, was launched as a separate project.

Since 2016, the Museum of the History of Musical Instruments BarabanZA has been launched. It presents more than 500 musical instruments. Among them are Hutsul trembits, violins, timpani, drimbas, bulls and much more. Tools are made of various materials - wood, metal, leather, clay. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity not only to see the instruments, but also to hear their melodic sound and try to play by themselves. This is the first authentic museum of musical instruments in Zaporizhzhia with a collection of rare ethnic and exotic musical instruments.

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