Khortytsia Island, ZIMET bus stop, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Khortytsia arboretum was founded in the middle of the last century. Today it is a picturesque and incredibly diverse corner of nature, which in a single composition has combined a large number of plants, both local and exotic forms, which are not peculiar to our region.

On the territory of the arboretum, on a steep, steep rock, there is an observation platform. The alley along which you can reach it, surrounded by centuries-old red oaks, and in April-May, when 20 species of lilacs and chestnuts bloom around, everything becomes like a fairy tale. Trails from the site will lead you to a juniper grove, the Avenue of Lovers, the mysterious Wolf Trail and the amazing Sunny Meadow.

In addition to natural beauty, one can well see one of the Preobrazhenskyi Bridges, which connected the island of Khortytsia with the left bank of the Dnipro. The construction of bridges, which are a monument of architecture, complements and decorates the river landscape.

Enjoying the picturesque scenery you should not disregard the building of the KHORTITSA PALACE hotel. The modern design, consisting of two towers, has become a real decoration of Zaporizhzhia. The hotel building takes on a particularly beautiful appearance at night, when it is illuminated by LED lights and has an impressive good reflection of lights in the water.

Near the KHORTITSA PALACE hotel is located one of the most favorite vacation spots of Zaporizhzhia residents - the Central City Beach. With the first hot days, the beach is filled with vacationers. In addition to water activities, beach sports and sunbathing, you can satisfy your hunger and thirst in city cafes and restaurants that are located along the Quay highway .

It is this observation platform that allows you to combine the authentic nature of the island of Khortytsia and a view of the cityscape with a modern building. It is this place that allows you to plunge into the bosom of nature in the middle of the industrial city of a giant and contemplate on it while enjoying its lights from afar.

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Next to Observation platform the Khortytsia arboretum

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What to see

Naberezhna highway

812 m. The Naberezhna highway stretches along the banks of the Dnieper River from the Preobrazhensky Bridge to the housing estate of Peski, Zaporizhzhia


Khortitsa Palace Hotel

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Conference halls

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What to see

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