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Zpbike offers customers rental and sale of bicycles in Zaporizhzhia.
Thanks to the bicycles from Zpbike, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of the city, to discover something new and unknown. And also spend your time to good use.

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Hotel «Bilyy royal»

178 m. 9A, Tbilisʹka Street, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 212-82-15

Conference halls

Conference hall Khortitsa Palace

337 m. 7A Shevchenko Boulevard, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 766-00-00

City cafe

Alice Sausage Bar

359 m. Zaporizhzhia, 42 Shevchenko Blvd.

(067) 880-15-15


Khortitsa Palace Hotel

359 m. 71A, Shevchenko Blvd., Zaporizhzhia

(061) 766-00-00

European Restaurant


379 m. Zaporizhzhia, 72 Shevchenko boulevard

(061) 224-07-74

City cafe

Santa Fe

427 m. Shevchenko Ave., 73A, Zaporizhzhia

(068) 529-29-29

Meat restaurant

Rebroff Ribs House

463 m. Zaporizhzhia,74-А Shevchenko Boulevard

(063) 374-99-09

Night life

The Veseliy Rodjer

469 m. Zaporizhzhia, blvd. Shevchenko 75

(050) 725-18-72

What to see

Naberezhna highway

645 m. The Naberezhna highway stretches along the banks of the Dnieper River from the Preobrazhensky Bridge to the housing estate of Peski, Zaporizhzhia


Hotel "Praha"

646 m. Shevchenko Boulevard, 28, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 224-07-11