Shevchenko Boulevard, 27/43, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

In honor of the warriors of the aviators who defended and liberated the city of Zaporizhzhia from the German invaders in World War II, in 1974 a monument was built.

In August September 1941, aviators of the 5th high-speed bomber mixed regiment of the 4th air army of the Southern Front took an active part in the defense of the city of Zaporizhzhia.

On the night of October 14, 1943, during the night assault, the left-bank part of Zaporizhzhia was liberated from German invaders. In the battles for Zaporizhzhia, the pilots of the 17th Air Army of the Southwestern Front distinguished themselves. They made 2,217 sorties, destroyed 35 aircraft, 70 tanks, about 300 vehicles, 180 cannons and other military equipment of the enemy.

It was in honor of these military that a monument was built - on the front side of the pedestal of which there is a cast-iron plate with an inscription and a bas-relief made of cast iron. Concrete steles with polished granite slabs are installed on both sides of the pedestal. 36 silumin memorial plaques with the inscription and names of the dead pilots are attached to them from the outside. The territory of the monument is lined with granite polished and concrete slabs.

After reconstruction in 1990, a fake airplane was installed on a concrete trapezoidal pedestal lined with marble tiles.


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