Tour “Coffee on the cliffs”: What are the stones hiding?

Khortytsia Island is the largest and oldest island on The Dnieper. This is an island of legends and glorious history. Here, each stone can tell its own unique story. Khortitsky cliffs are the oldest granites in the world, which are almost 2.5 billion years old. During the tour you will have the opportunity to literally touch the history of the planet Earth. The date of the next tour is July 5.

During the tour we:

-        Will visit the places where duke Svyatoslav fought with the Pechenegs and perhaps found his last refuge; ancient sanctuaries of the Bronze Age and sanctuary-observatory.

-        Will learn the legends of the Scythian kings and the Cave of the Serpent; legends of the Black Stone; How did it appear in our region? What is depicted on it? Why is paronormal phenomena associated with it?

-        Will see the oldest topographic sign of Zaporozhye during the NEP.

-        Will touch the history and traditions that have survived through the ages, learn about the world Cult of Egg and the beliefs of our ancestors.

Tour start: Pivkolo stop (Serhiy Synenko Street 4). By bus №46, 93 from Metallurgists Avenue or by prior arrangement.

Schedule: Tour to order. Held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tour duration: 3 hours.

Price: 1500 hryvnias\group.

Maximum number of participants - 10 people with a guide.

Tour route: Pivkolo stop (Serhiy Synenko Street 4) - Arch bridge - Khortytsia island - Zaporizhzhya Sich - ancient sanctuary - Mykhailova stop

Attention! It’s walking tour you need to bring comfortable shoes, clothes according to weather conditions, water, snacks and something for sitting.

Contact number: + 380504242054

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