In the Park of Labor Glory (opposite the building of the Zaporizhzhia town council), Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Alley consists of 5 beautiful installations in the form of paintings called «Zaporizhzhia – a city that inspires».

The forged paintings set along the alley tell about the history of the city: the painting «Zaporizhzhia Oak» – depicts the symbol of centuries-old history and the pride of the city 700-year-old oak. Many legends are associated with the Cossack oak. It was under him that Bohdan Khmelnytsky stopped to rest, the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks composed their famous letter to the Turkish sultan, and Pushkin – Lukomorye; The picture «Steelmaker» is a tribute to the people of this profession working at the open-hearth at numerous metallurgical plants in the city, of which the most famous is Zaporizhstal; The picture «Spring on Zarichna Street» – depicts notes and words for the song of this beloved older generation of the film, which was shot in the shops of the metallurgical plant «Zaporizhstal», and there is a street with this name in Zavodskiy district of the city; Picture «Zaporozhets» – depicts the first Ukrainian nationwide and main car, which is a symbol of an era; The picture «Map of Ukraine» – a depicted map of the regions and a tape with the inscription: «I love Zaporizhzhia». It symbolizes the unity of the country and love for the native land. The size of the pictures is 1.80 m by 2.40 m. They can be used as interactive photo frames. Standing behind the picture, you become her hero, which is happily done by vacationers and waiting for the continuation in the form of new installations.

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