Sobornyi Avenue, in the square near the Palace of Culture «Dniprospetsstalʹ», Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Established in 1993, the author of the sculpture became - sculptor Dubinina and architect Kuzmenko. Erected in honor of fellow soldiers who participated in the Afghan and other local wars.

Thousands of soldiers took part in local warriors in the territories of foreign states where Soviet troops attempted to establish their control and pursue a policy of seizing territories.

One of the longest-running military-armed conflicts was the war in Afghanistan, where Soviet troops in 1978 entered their troops and equipment. Soviet soldiers died senselessly on the Afghan land for 11 long years: 5190 inhabitants of Zaporizhzhia visited the front, 127 of them died. According to the decision of the Geneva Convention of April 14, 1988, the USSR in May 1988 began the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, the war was stopped only in 1989.

The monument is a reinforced concrete, copper-bound three-figure sculpture of soldiers, mounted on a low pedestal of granite blocks. On the front side of the pedestal is a plaque with a memorial inscription made in metal letters.


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