Shevchenko Boulevard, Zaporizhzhia

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On October 11, 2014, a sculptural composition was opened on Shevchenko Boulevard to a steelmaker and teacher, representing the most common and iconic professions for the city.

Representatives of these professions were immortalized in one of the most famous films of the Soviet time filmed in Zaporizhzhia: Spring on Zarechnaya Street. It is the story of a young teacher - Tatyana Levchenko and a promising steelmaker - Sasha Savchenko became a famous saga about an industrial city, a powerful metallurgical complex and the history of a very romantic love of the post-war period.

It was in this tape that the historical moments of the construction of the streets of the city of Zaporizhzhia remained forever. They reflected the whole era of the development of the industrial giant, the restoration of post-war time and the atmosphere of peaceful Soviet society. By 1956, more than 30 million viewers watched the picture. She became a cult not only for residents of Zaporizhzhia, but also for the entire post-Soviet space.

According to the idea of ​​installing a sculptural composition, they became the first on this boulevard where in the future it is planned to establish sculptures of other common and important professions and create an entire Avenue of professions.

The sculpture of the teacher was made by the Kharkiv sculptor Eldanis Gurbanov. The image of the steelmaker was the result of the skill of the sculptor Alexander Goncharuk.

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