Mayakovs'koho Square, Zaporizhzhia

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One of the most beautiful and original fountains in Ukraine. It has one of the largest ball in Ukraine, rotating under the influence of water. Around are sculptures reflecting the life of the Ukrainian people and their entire history from ancient times.

The ball in the center of the fountain unites around itself 8 statues (compositions) related to the culture, history and life of the Ukrainian people. In particular, the main structure in the sphere is the composition of Chernobyl, which crowns the feat of the liquidators who died during the Chernobyl accident, the Cossack Mamai is a symbol of the free and independent spirit of the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, the entire people of Ukraine, the Chumaks are tireless travelers of the Taurian steppes, Beregynia is a symbol the preservation of life, the Scythians - the ancient people of the Zaporizhzhia region, the hunter - a symbol of the inextricable coexistence of man and nature, stone graves - the places of the first writing of mankind, the steppe - wealth Ukrainian land. The Fountain of Life constantly hosts cultural events, performances of dance and song groups, competitions. This is a meeting place for artists and youth.

The colors of the Fountain of Life are added by craftsmen, whose works of art are constantly placed around the fountain, make you smile, warm your soul and make your hearts kinder.

In 1968, the first round picturesque fountain appeared with a central bowl surrounded by single jets.

At the dawn of the new third millennium in 2001, the fountain was fenced with a high fence and hidden for three years from prying eyes so that a miracle would appear before the amazed audience - the whole history of Ukrainian land in stone ethnoidols around the globe, under the influence of the elements of water, turns and represents our planet. The fountain was designed by sculptor Petro Antip. The official opening took place on October 14, 2004.

Since 2015, on the eve of the new year, in the center of the Fountain of Life, which is closed for the winter, the main Christmas tree of the city is being established.

The fountain is made of granite and smalt, brought from Yanchevskyi quarry. The composition of the fountain consists of a ball, a rotating one and several figures at the foot. The ball weighs 3.8 tons and a diameter of 1.3 meters. Thanks to a well-tuned technical design, the water layer between the bullet and the support is only one millimeter, the water pressure is also small - only 3.5 atmospheres

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