Zaporizhzhia, 149 Sobornyi ave.

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Cafe "Prospect" is a new format of recreation for those who value tranquility, comfort and European level of service. There are no poorly serving waiters, tastelessly prepared food, unnecessary fuss, noise and pathos. Laconic interior, comfortable furniture, stylish decoration of the room, pleasant music in the hall - everything contributes to the pacification of the client, makes it possible to truly relax.

The culinary philosophy of the cafe is to prepare deliciously favorite European dishes. Nothing new, but everything is incredibly delicious! The classic recipes for these dishes are played with new flavors thanks to the experience and talent of the chef. Located in the very heart of the city, this establishment shows a high level of quality with a democratic pricing policy. This is an ideal place for a romantic date, business dinner, business negotiations. There is nothing superfluous in the Prospect cafe - everything is harmoniously selected and tastefully selected. Come visit and you will not regret your choice.


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