39, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The main facade faces Troitska street. One side facade overlooks Soborny Avenue, and the second - onto Poshtovа Street. Designed by architect Steinfair

The architectural solution of the building is designed in the style of retrospectivism. In the design of the facades used classic means of architectural expressiveness.

According to the canons of classicism, the facades of the building are diverse in horizontal and vertical division. The horizontal strip of the basement of variable height imitates the peculiar podium on which the building rests. The base was faced with natural stone. The surface of the facade wall is plastered with imitation of natural stone masonry.

At the level of the windowsill of the third floor, a façade surrounds the facades and a developed crowning cornice completes the construction.

The vertical architectural elements that adorn the facades of the building include flattened porticoes that accentuate the main entrance to the hotel from Troitska Street, as well as the entrance to the restaurant from Soborny Avenue. According to the classical tradition, an architectural order combines several floors at once.

The building is four-story and has a U-shaped plan, an additional ground floor. The balconies of the building are made of reinforced concrete slabs, supported by metal plastered consoles.

The building has a clear functional construction: the main entrance leads to the lobby, where on the right there is a waiting room, from which you can get into the restaurant. In the center of the lobby are open lush staircases to the upper floors.

The layout of the building is a corridor one, with double-sided placement of rooms having from one to three rooms. Window openings are located in the end walls of the corridors. Separate stairwells serve as auxiliary evacuation exits and lead to the household yard.

The architecture of the hotel is a valuable heritage of the 1950s. The building is used for its original purpose, the Teatralny Hotel still operates in it.


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