52, Sobornyi Avenue/ 25, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built in 1901 for the hereditary merchant of the 1st guild Leshchinsky and is the first three-story profitable building in the city of Oleksandrivsk.

In 1905, during the Jewish pogroms, the house was completely bedroom, but restored after the initial project after 3 years.

The landlord Leshchinsky rented it out to private individuals for shops and public organizations. According to old photographs, the street facades along the streets were decorated with columned clocks that have not been preserved until now, the balconies of the main facade looked like bay windows, the extreme side opening on the ground floor of the facade on Troitska street functioned as a through passage from the street to the courtyard (today it is laid )

The ground floor is cut through by huge rectangular windows of a shop-window type and by entrances, the position of which is accented by massive straight sandriks.

In the same way the facade along the street was arranged Troitska, the only difference is that instead of two vertical accents, one is used here, which fixes the central axis and is equipped with a cafe entrance on the ground floor.

The facade of the house along Troitska street, in the extreme lateral part, preserved a semicircular archivolt over the initial passage.

The composition of the courtyard facades has a very simplified utilitarian character.

 In 1914-1915, the artist, singer and composites Leonid Utesov rented housing in the house of Leshchinsky, at the same time he met his future wife.

In 1917-1918, the First Alexander Rada of workers and soldiers' deputies was located in the house.

In this house lived Nestor Makhno, a political and military leader, commander of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine, leader of the rural uprising of 1918-1921, a well-known anarchist and guerrilla warfare tactician.

In 1919, the Alexander Worker University worked in the house, and in 1920 - the Palace of Labor.
With the establishment of Soviet power, the house became residential and today there are residential premises in the house, and the first floor is occupied by commercial facilities.

The house is an example of an early large-scale profitable development of the historical part of the city.

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