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Pop art mural with a portrait of the world-famous jazzman Alexander Tsfasman, who was born in our city, was created in Zaporizhzhia on housefront of House of Leshchinskiy as a part of the project «Contemporary Art for Generation Z». The author of the wall painting is a well-known street-art artist - Oleksandr Korban.

Alexander Naumovich Tsfasman (1906-1971) was Jewish piano virtuoso, composer, conductor; he was the first professional jazz musician in Ukraine .

He was born in December 01, 1906 in chief town of a district Alexandrovsk (from 1921 – Zaporizhzhia). Parents of the «founder» of Russian jazz were the owners of premium hairdressing salon in Profitable House of Yakov Leshchinskiy (52, Sobornyi Avenue). Alexander inherited from his parents taste for full, public life as Tsfasman’s hairdressing salon was one of the centers of sharing of the most important city news and trends.

The musical genius Tsfasman-jazzman began his formation in Alexandrovsk, the city whose tumultuous pace of life sometimes outpaced the course of history in many provincial centers. At the age of 7 he mastered the violin, later - the piano. The revolutionary events of 1917 forced the Tsfasman family to leave Alexandrovsk. Professional training, huge success in the capital and the love of the public expected him in the future. The whole country knew and sang a wonderful melody from «Unsuccessful Rendezvous», the records were distributed in thousands and each new edition, each new performance of Alexander Tsfasman’s works sounded a good compliment to the city where the maestro found a love of music. In 1966 he was one of the founders of the European Jazz Association.

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Profitable House of Leshchinskiy

28 m. 52, Sobornyi Avenue/ 25, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia

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