Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Khortytski plavni is an area of ​​absolute conservation of the southern part of Khortytsia: there are many species of animals, birds, fish and insects, including very rare ones. In addition, most of the old Khortytsia trees and centuries-old oaks are found in the reed beds . Due to the fact that human intervention in nature is minimal, untouched nature is preserved in the meadows, it can be called the Ukrainian shroud. The Khortytski plavni is a real miracle of nature, because where else can you see the combination of a huge industrial city and such a miracle of nature. The main thing when visiting Khortytski plavni is not to disturb the local residents (animals, birds and other inhabitants) and remember that you are only a guest in the wildlife world, for this it is important to ply along a specially equipped sightseeing trail in the tract Protovche, keeping the maximum silence and caution. Walking with an excursion trail gives you a unique opportunity to see the beauty and diversity of the natural world of Khortytski plavni enjoy unique landscapes and breathe in the crystal clear air of a fabulous reserve country without leaving one of the most industrial cities of Ukraine.


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Memorial and tourist complex Protovche

292 m. In the southern part of the Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

(096) 254-12-09

What to see

Zaporozhzhia Horse Theater

1,19 km. 23, Zapovidna st., Zaporizhzhia

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Biological station-preventorium of Zaporizhzhya National University

1,19 km. Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 701-54-99


Hotel Porto Riva

2,00 km. 15G Privokzalna str. Zaporizhzhia

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Hotel and entertainment complex «VODOGRAY»

2,03 km. 15,Pryvokzal'na Street, Zaporizhzhia

(068) 189-96-46

European Restaurant

Restaurant "Vodogray"

2,03 km. Zaporizhzhia, vul. Chubanova St, 15

Country complexes

Water sports base « Kapitolʹ»

2,05 km. Horikhova bukhta Street, 23, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 286-08-28

Transport communications

Kayak Canoe Center rental point network

2,06 km. 15г Chubanova st.

(095) 868-55-66


Mural "The Elephant"

2,10 km. 18, Hliserna st., Zaporizhzhia

Transport communications

KON - TIKI аdventure сenter

2,11 km. 26a, Hliserna street, Zaporizhzhia

(098) 993-24-88