In the southern part of the Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The territory of the complex is a sight of the Middle Ages, because in these territories there were settlements of the 11th-14th centuries, in the southwestern part of the island. Which covers an area of ​​15 hectares, was discovered by archaeologist Bodiansky in 1976.

During 1976-1980, excavations were continued by Shevchenko and Sokulsky, who examined 3286 m2 of the settlement area.

The thickness of the cultural layer is 0.9-1.5 m. In the lower cultural layer, the remains of typical dugouts and half-dugouts of ancient Russian time of the 11th-12th centuries are excavated area of ​​12 - 50 m2 with adobe and stove-furnaces.
In the upper cultural layer, the remains of terrestrial (retinue) dwellings with an area of ​​96 - 180 m2 of the 11th –13th centuries were found.

A study of the materials found during his research allows us to identify this settlement with a mention of it in ancient Russian chronicles from 1103, 1190, 1223 under the name Protovche.

The presence of large dwellings with furnaces such as Cossack houses among the remains of the settlement, interesting equipment (spearheads, arrowheads, knives, spurs, fragments of large cast-iron cauldrons, ceramic container utensils (amphora, pifos) allow us to state that this settlement was founded by wanderers, whom modern historical science considers it as the forerunners of the Cossacks.

In the 13th-14th centuries. Khortytsia island was dependent on the Tatars. The construction of the first fortified settlements here is associated with the period of appearance in the historical arena of Mamai and his struggle with the last of the khans - Saray-al-Jedid Kidilbek. The found coin of Kidilbek on the settlement indicates that it existed at least until 1361.

In 1363, in the southern part of the Dnipro riverbed, after the battle on the Blue Waters, troops of the Lithuanian prince Olgerd approached. By the end of the 14th century Lithuanian Prince Vytautas establishes borders along the Dnipro. Khortytsia is within the boundaries of the Principality of Lithuania. As evidenced by the mention in written sources for 1552 about the departures of Kushugum and Protovche, as such, originally belonging to the princes of the Polish-Lithuanian crown.

Today on the territory of the complex it is almost impossible to see archaeological finds from the time of the settlement, but you can enjoy the endless delights of the island, see the unsurpassed nature of the Dnipro plains. A unique natural monument, an area of ​​absolute preservation: lakes, canals and bays, islets - the remains of the endless flowing massif of the Zaporizhzhia Meadow.


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