23, Zapovidna st., Zaporizhzhia

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A world show that has no analogues. For 30 years, dozens of Cossacks have shown theatrical performances in the territory of the Cossack village. Horse racing, centuries-old traditions, saber battles. It is here that anyone can officially join the ranks of the Cossacks and undergo an ancient initiation into this historical order.

Zaporizhzhia Equestrian Theater is a unique program that offers residents and guests of the city folklore and ethnographic performances, Cossack games and entertainment. The theatrical performance takes place on an improvised stage, the program includes tricks on horses, exercises with spears, sabers and a whip, exciting Cossack games and entertainment. The ancient ritual Initiations into Cossacks is held with the issuance of a certificate of honor as a keepsake. After the performance, you can ride horses, as well as purchase products of a blacksmith, potter, Scythian jewelry, products with national embroidery, Petrikov painting, family charms and Ukrainian souvenirs. We present to your attention an exposition of weapons from the time of the Civil War, as well as a very extravagant uniform of Khortytsia warriors. In addition, you can see the unique exposition of antique irons. The collection totals more than 200 copies and is constantly updated. Other household items of the 19-20 centuries, as well as an exposition of Ukrainian towels and a windmill will be interesting. There is a riding club on the territory of the Equestrian Theater, where lovers of horses, horse riding and equestrian sports gather.

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о. Хортица

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