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Museum of the Weapons History is one of the largest private collections of weapons that was collected on the territory of five continents.

The museum was created in 2004. In the post-Soviet space, this is one of the largest private collections of weapons, which was collected on five continents and presented to the public. The main theme of the exposition is the history of the emergence and development of weapons. The chronological framework of the exhibits presented in the museum covers a huge period of time - from the Middle Paleolithic (40-15 thousand years ago) to the second half of the twentieth century. More than 4 thousand units of firearms and cold weapons collected in the museum reflect almost all stages of the development of human civilizations.
On the museum website you can visit a 3D tour and get acquainted with the exposition of the exhibition. And an unforgettable experience will give you an away shooting tournament - Universal Shooter, which has been held for several years in a row.

Individual excursion: group up to 20 people. - 100 UAH

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