183, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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A monument to the Russian composer Mykhailo Glinka is erected in front of the building of the concert hall named after M. Glinka. He became the founder of the Russian classical music school. He created the operas Ivan Susanin, Ruslan and Lyudmila, the symphony Waltz Fantasy, Kmarinska, and the romances Lark and Doubt.

Twice visited Ukraine in 1823 and 1838. Glinka wrote romances to the verses of the Ukrainian romantic poet Victor Zabili: The wind is very humming in the field, The nightingale does not chirp. In the 1840s, he talked in St. Petersburg with Taras Shevchenko himself.

The full-length bronze figure of Mykhailo Glinka, sitting in an armchair with a musical score in his left hand, is mounted on a two-stage parallelepiped pedestal lined with slabs of gray polished granite. On the central side of the pedestal is a plate with the name of the composer and the dates of his life.

The sculptor was Strakhov (Braslavskyi), the total height of the monument is 3.8 meters.


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