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About the place

Zaporizhzhia River Port is an enterprise of the river transport industry.
The port specializes in the processing of ore, coke, coal, scrap metal, metal products, fertilizers, clay, sand, ferroalloys, and bauxite. The Zaporizhzhia River Port accepts river-sea-type vessels up to 180 m long and a draft up to 4 m. The port territory is 39.7 hectares and includes 13 cargo berth lines with a total length of 2787.7 m, including two berths in the port Nikopol (297.2 m).

Water tourism

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Coffee house


179 m. Zaporizhzhia, 232, Sobornyi ave.

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186 m. Soborny Avenue, 232

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Gallery of Modern Art «Barannik»

252 m. Sobornyi Avenue, 193, Zaporizhzhia

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Museum of the Weapons History

259 m. 189, Soborny Ave., Zaporizhzhia

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Hotel Platinum

270 m. Zaporizhzhia, Leonova street, 14

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What to see

Excursions around the island of Khortitsa by motor ship

339 m. Route №1 Landing – the port of. Lenin (Leonova Street, 1) Disembarkation – river station «Zaporizhzhia» (park Oak Grove, Hliserna Street, 26a) Route 3 Landing – river station «Zaporizhzhia» (park Oak Grove, Hliserna Street, 26a) Disembarkation – the por

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Coffee house

The Cup

349 m. Zaporizhzhia, 6A / 8 Tregubenko St

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358 m.

(122) 838-37-36


The giant- school

399 m. 226, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia


Social City (Sixth Settlement)

431 m. from the DniproGES dam to Verkhny Street, Zaporizhzhia