36, Shkolnaya Street (behind the gymnasium №2),Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The fortress is the ancestor of the city of Zaporizhzhia. The history of its construction began on August 15, 1770, when, under the direction of Colonel Willem von Fredesdorf, military and labor teams arrived to begin work on the erection of the Alexander Fortress.

In the spring of 1771, due to the heavy flooding, much of the earthen fortifications were flooded, which led to the transfer of the fortress to a modern place - closer to the water and transport resources of the Dnieper River.

The remains of the fortifications are located within the modern coastal thoroughfare, the streets of Poshtova, Zaporizhzhska and Fortechna.

The Alexander fortress was distinguished by a number of military-engineering innovations: the main fence consisted of capons or polygonal fronts, arranged in the form of a regular quadrangle, with earthen structures in the middle, separated - so as to form separate bastions and the citadel.

The Engineering and construction work of the fortress was led by Colonel Yakov Bibikov. In 1780, battalions of barracks, a guardhouse, a prison, a workshop, a tavern and a pro-shop, a pharmacy, an infirmary (in St. Matthew's bastion), a warehouse for guns, powder rooms, and quarters for medical staff and merchants were planned. Later, a battalion school, command house and a church were erected and placed in one of the stone buildings of the medical district.

Military-administrative significance the fortress


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