226, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built in 1930, it is the only "giant school" of constructivism in Ukraine that was designed for students in the entire district.

For local the building is better known as the school of the Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy.

The main facade and the entrance to the school are oriented to the Tregubenko street. The plan of the building organizes the territory of the site, dividing it into a ceremonial, sports and recreational zone.

The interior layout is corridor oriented to the east facing classrooms. It is a three-storey building, despite the length of the corps, the author made convenient connections and the necessary insulation of separate rooms of the gym and workshops.

The architectural design of the body volumes was quite varied. Their outer plastic is interesting and expressive, because it was complemented by deaf glass surfaces, which were in a harmonious ratio and clearly accentuated the main premises.

The original horizontal window and window sills contrasted with the vertical volume of the interior staircase and glazed lobby.

Against the backdrop of the deaf corner of the assembly hall, at the level of the second floor there is a balcony, which, with a solid thin slab, faces three sides and has a metal, horizontal fence pattern.

Under the balcony along the central axis of the facade is an entrance with a porch, which was covered by a thin plate of visor.

During the reconstruction of the building after the Second World War, its architectural appearance was changed:
- The ribbon windows were replaced with separate ones, the vertical distribution of all facades appeared;
- The exterior walls were plastered with classic stitching;
- A profile cornice was made along the perimeter of the whole complex;
- The facades are painted in two colors: the details are white terracotta wall background.

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