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The Zaporizhzhia Regional Academic Theater for Young Spectators has been around for more than 30 years, its repertoire includes classic and contemporary productions.

November 20, the premiere of the play Dramatic Song - the birth of the theater. In 1987, on Tsentralnyi Boulevard, 4, an experimental Small Stage was created by its own efforts. In 1988, the theater rapidly matured, becoming the Young Theater, which helped him expand the audience and show the new creative possibilities of the team. In 2005, the theater finally received the building of the Budivelnyk Palace of Culture, which is gradually turning into a real theater: the lobby is reconstructed, the auditorium, the reconstruction and re-equipment of the stage is planned. The creative composition of the theater is also changing: the troupe has been thoroughly updated by young actors, graduates of the acting department of Zaporizhzhia National University. Today, the theater, relying on constant and proven creative principles: a high artistic level, truthfulness and sincerity in a conversation with its audience, strives to be relevant, modern and interesting for today's youth. The theater pays special attention to children, creating a magical world of fairy tales on the stage, full of holiday atmosphere and wonderful transformations.

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