Crossing the Shevchenko Boulevard and Sobornyi Avenue, opposite the Zaporizhzhia town council, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

«Clock of Lovers» – today are one of the most beautiful places in Zaporizhzhia. Near the clock traditionally make their first family photos of the newlyweds.

«Clock of Lovers» was built on Shevchenko Boulevard in 2003 on the initiative of the then mayor of Zaporizhzhia Olexandr Polyak. First, for the clock, decorated with the emblem of Zaporizhzhia, the role of urban «chimes» was planned, but then they decided to make them musical – now with the onset of each new hour the chronometer loses an excerpt from the song «When Spring Comes, I Do not Know ...», which is considered an unofficial anthem of Zaporizhzhia. And the «lovers» watches became after the newlyweds were taken for the tradition, they must be photographed for a happy family life.

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