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The oldest hydroelectric power station in the south of Ukraine is one of the largest hydroelectric power station in the Dnipro cascade.
The dam is a complex hydraulic and construction complex with a bridge, a trestle above the floodgates, where a road connects the left-bank and right-bank parts of the city.

DniproHES is a complex hydrotechnical construction complex consisting of: hydroelectric power station-1, hydroelectric power station-2, a shield wall, a drainage and deaf dam, navigable structures, an open distribution device.

The length of the drainage dam is 766 m, the radius of the curvilinear dam is 690 m, the highest height of the spillway is 41.6 m, the bullhead is 69.5 m. The length of the dam is 251 m.

DniproHES is the heart of Ukrainian electricity, because every 4 kW of the country is the result of its operation. The construction of the station in Zaporizhzhia marked the beginning of the creation of the metallurgical, chemical, machine-building and industrial complex.

The idea of constructing the dam originated as early as 1795. A total of 16 projects have been known since 1900, which consisted of implementing technical solutions for raising the Dnipro River level, constructing gateways for a power plant dam and even a plan for irrigation of the dry Black Sea steppes.

The construction of the Dnipro hydroelectric power station began in 1927, and already on May 1, 1932, the Dnipro hydroelectric power station first gave electricity.
The construction of DniproHES-2 and a new single-chamber gateway began in 1969. The new gateway became a unique engineering structure that became the domestic analogue of the famous Panamanian gateways.

With the construction of the dam 50 meters increased the water level in the Dnieper River and opened a full-fledged navigation.

The total length of the pressure head of the hydraulic structures of the Dnipro hydroelectric unit - 1.3 km, throughput - 26900 m³ / s.

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