78, Soborny Ave., Near the restaurant «Oleksandrivsʹkyy povit», Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Legends still circulate about Oak of Yacov Novytskyi, because it was not someone who planted it, but the famous historian Yakov Novytskyi. This oak is a real miracle, it has an elegant crown and impresses with its power. It was planted back in the 19th century in the courtyard of the historian and it is incredible how miraculously he survived.

Yakov Novytskyi himself explored Khortytsia, the Velykyi Lug, the ruins of all the Zaporizhzhia Sichs, worked closely with Dmytro Yavornytskyi. In 1913 he founded and opened a historical museum, the director of which was until 1925 (now the Zaporizhzhia regional local history museum). Yakov Novytskyi died on May 19, 1925. “Grateful” fellow countrymen, paradoxically, did not erect a monument to him. Therefore, Zaporizhzhia about the father of history reminds him personally planted and miraculously survived oak. And to touch a living legend, which has been growing on the territory of the city for several centuries, locals, visitors to the Regional local history museum, and foreign guests of Zaporizhzhia have come.


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