52, Oleksandrivska Street, Zaporizhzhia

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At the intersection of Oleksandrivska and Akademika Chabanenko streets along the building line, there is the O. Minaiev Commercial House.

In March 1908, Minaіev asked the city government to allow the reconstruction of two one-story houses along Olexandrivska Street, which belonged to him.

There was a restructuring in the superstructure of the second floors to the existing one-story houses and the construction of a two-story house between them - the insert and extension of a new two-story building.
The project was carried out by the Zemstvo engineer Buchinsky. It was planned to build large apartments for rent and accommodation on the ground floor and in the courtyard of the arrival for visitors. Every day, people from other cities and villages arrived in the city for trade, procurement, and official business.

The construction of such houses was determined by the growing influx of the population of the city, as well as the profitability of capital investment. Not only apartments were rented out, but also rooms, as well as corners in apartments. Some lived for months, others one night. To remove the angle was 2-5 krb. for a month.

The previously constructed one-story houses of Minaіev with red ceramic bricks were an example of provincial architecture in pseudo-Russian style. Buchinsky used the principle of continuous development of the single facade. The new construction was harmoniously combined with the old buildings, and as a result a two-story single complex appeared, stylized in the spirit of ancient Russian architecture, which corresponded to the needs of the customer.

The basement of the building is made of high-quality ceramic brick without cladding, which is typical for the brick style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Building material - brick is the main feature of the building. The open, not plastered brickwork created numerous themes for the details of the house and served as decoration of the facades. For the southern city, where there is little rain and the sun shines brightly, contrasting shadows are emphasized by the plastic details.

Brick was used for decoration. The craftsmen covered the entire surface of the facades with brick patterns, leaving no smooth surface. The house captivates with frank decorativeness, magnificence of various ornaments. A simple at its core pattern with endless repetitions and variations turned the surface of the wall into an ornamental panel.
The modern use of the O. Minaiev Commercial House is an apartment building. In the second half of the twentieth century, the facades were painted in white and green, which violated the unity of the plastic parts and changed the idea of ​​decoration.

In 2020, the reconstruction of the building was completed, during which its technical condition was improved and the facade was repainted in warm yellow with elements highlighted in white.


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