Maidan University, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The monument was erected in the park on Universitetska Square on May 9, 1960. A T-34 tank was installed on a pedestal of granite blocks. On the pedestal is a granite memorial plaque with the inscription.

In September 1943, troops of the Southwestern Front launched an offensive in the direction of the city of Zaporizhzhia. On the immediate approaches to Zaporizhzhia, the enemy created a solid defense, which included two contours - external and internal, and the Nazis turned the entire city into a fortress. For the complete defeat of the enemy forces on the Zaporizhzhia bridgehead under the command of Army General Malinovsky, an attack force group was created consisting of three armies, a tank and mechanized corps.

On October 10, after artillery and aviation training, our troops went on the offensive. Given the current situation, the Military Council of the Southwestern Front on October 13 decided to carry out a night assault.

It was the first night storm of a big city in the history of World War II in Ukraine. On October 13, at 10 p.m., after a powerful fire training, the troops of three armies, tank and mechanized corps at the front with a length of 30 km began an assault.

It was in this battle that the forces of the tank crew and the landing force cleared the bridge over the Moskovka river and provided access to other combat vehicles.

During street battles on October 14, 1943, the crew of the tank, consisting of the driver of the Sergeant Varikunyi, the radio operator of the machine gunner, sergeant Shelyulev, the commander of the tower of sergeant Lebedev, destroyed four enemy tanks, seven vehicles, six guns and ten enemy firing points. Personally, Lieutenant Yatsenko destroyed two tanks, a self-propelled gun and significant enemy power. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was assigned posthumously to Yatsenko.


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98 m. Zaporizhzhia, 34 Academica Chabanenko st. /Zaporizhzhia,Naberezhna Magistral, 73 Shevchenko Blvd.

(098) 974-03-03

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