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The Museum of Zaporizhzhia Architecture is a unique educational project implemented for the 250th anniversary of the city. This is the first museum institution in which the history of the city's development is presented as a cross-cutting subject.

Craft municipal museum, which is dedicated to the history of Zaporizhzhia and tells in detail about the city development from the first Oleksandrivsk fortress to modern microdistricts. The museum consists of four sections dedicated to the development of Oleksandrivsk, the Mennonite colonies, the era of industrial modernization and the post-war reconstruction of the city.

Curators and experts of the project have captured the history of Zaporizhzhia in vivid and amazing images of urban architecture that can amaze and inspire new ideas.

The Museum of Zaporizhzhia Architecture is located at 66, Hoholia street, in the same building with the library, and together with the central public library form a multifunctional cultural center.

The museum has become the first step in the formation of an extensive historical and cultural infrastructure, which will contribute to the promotion of the original and attractive image of the city in the national cultural space.

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