Peremohy Street, 66, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The Palace of Sports «Youth» in its time was an ice palace, where the inhabitants of the city could practice hockey, figure skating. For today the palace is closed for reconstruction.

The history of The Palace of Sports «Youth began in 1967. The object was erected on a typical project at that time. In January 1971, «Youth» began its work. Already in August the first games took place. Here also worked the school of winter sports, where they taught hockey and figure skating. In the 80 years, behind the palace built an additional ice field. But already in the early 90's he had to refuse, because there was no money for maintenance. But the sport remained in the palace. There was purchased a cover for game species, and already then, on the «Youth» floor, local handball teams played, played basketball, volleyball and mini-football. In the early 2000s, the financing of the sports palace actually ceased. In 2008, a technical survey of the building was carried out, which led to the conclusion that the sports palace needs reconstruction. After the reconstruction, the Sports Palace «Youth» will become an arena for many sports.

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