Voznesenivskyi district of the city, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

A very interesting sight of early medieval time was opened in 1930. It was a burial complex of the 7th – beginning of the 8th century, which received the name Voznesenivskyi Treasures from the name of the village of Voznesenka, now the city of Zaporizhzhia is the territory of the central district of the city — Voznesenivskyi.

The monument was a shaft of stones and earth 0.6 m high, surrounding a rectangular area of ​​62x31 m. In the eastern part of this area, a stone ring was fixed with a diameter of about 10 m and two pits near. In the first of them were: weapons, horse harness details, precious jewelry and belt parts.

Of particular interest among the finds are silver figures of an eagle and a lion - the differences of the Roman legions.

The second pit contained horse bones and arrowheads. All things affected by the action of fire.

The Voznesenivskyi complex was investigated by Grinchenko, who considered the stone wall to be a military camp, and all the material was the remnants of the collective burning of soldiers.

The ethnicity of the sights was subsequently revised several times; it was attributed to the Anto-Slavs, it was considered the tomb of the Kyiv prince Sviatoslav, the Alano-Bulgarians.

In the 1980s, a new idea appeared about the belonging of this monument to the Turkic memorial complex dedicated to the deceased noble khan and left by the Avars or Khazars.

Valuable exhibits of the Voznesenivskyi Treasure are included in the museum fund of the Zaporizhzhia regional local history museum.

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