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About the place

The landscape complex is located in the Voznesensky district of the city, on the territory of the former historic village of Voznesenivka. The complex includes the Rainbow cascade fountain, a recreation park, a lake, and the monument to Sviatoslav the Brave.

The Rainbow cascade fountain consists of long and wide stairs, with a waterfall flowing in the center. At the top, there is an arch with a large observation deck and a rainbow.

The park is located at the foot of the cascade fountain and includes picturesque hills, neat paths, and flower compositions. In the center of the park, there is a lake, and a bridge connects the two halves of the park.

The monument to Sviatoslav the Brave is a 5-meter bronze statue located at one of the possible places of the prince's death in 972. It was opened in 2005.

Various festivals, concerts, and other events are held in the park every year, attracting many visitors.

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What to see

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The Monument of Sviatoslav the Brave

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