5, Konstyantyna Velykoho Street, Zaporizhzhia

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Built in 1902-1905 during the construction of the Second Katerynska Railway, it turned the city into an important hub for passenger and freight traffic with a total length of 10 thousand km of communication lines.

In the northern part of the building there were office premises, a first-aid post, a kitchen and a buffet; inside - ticket hall, waiting room, post office, information desk; in the south part - administrative premises and a left-luggage office.

The station building is an original in form architectural work of the early twentieth century. The construction of the railway was carried out in 1902-1905, but a separate construction department led by engineer Rippas in 1907-1908, it was then that the stations of the southern railway Oleksandrivsk and Transmission were connected, which turned the city into an important passenger and freight hub.

During the revolution of 1905, the territory of the station was one of the centers of the armed uprising in the city of Oleksandrivsk.

The railway station is a one-story building with a small two-story northern part of brick painted in terracotta color, decoration elements are highlighted in white throughout the facade. The station was built on one side of the track, its total length is 92 m, width (without risalits) is 10 m.

The station was built in modernized forms of historicism using brick decor. The building linear in structure has an asymmetric composition. The main entrances (two from the platform, two from the side of the street) are decorated in the form of elevated square towers with coronary tents surrounded by curly attics, consisting of stylized baroque pediments with semicircular blends.

In August 1907, traveling by rail to the south, the station was the famous Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka.

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Next to "Oleksandrivsk" Railway station of Katerynska railway

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