19, Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The dining-club house, designed by architect S. Maslikh on Nezalezhnoi Ukraine Street, between residential buildings. It was designed as a fully functional complex for cultural leisure, mass communication, professional events.

The building of the dining-club house and residential buildings of the Quarter-commune were connected by warm passages on the second floor with the commune houses.

The plane of the main façade was accentuated by the massive ledge of the second floor bay, which was supported by slender round columns, which gave the effect of weightlessness of the structures. The bay window itself obscured the ground floor and was a third floor balcony. The balcony railing was used to advertise.

In the halls of the building were held various congresses, mass conferences. Considering the fact that people of different nationalities from all over the country came to the construction of the Dnipro-build, the cultural program included learning the Ukrainian language with the help of libraries and theatrical performances held in the dining-club house. There was also a special buffet club for foreign specialists-consultants of Dnipro-build.

In the postwar period, the dining-club house was rebuilt. It was given the features of classical architecture. The main facade, which was decorated with a huge triangular semi-pediment appeared.

The flat roof was replaced by a pitched one. The terrace at the entrance of the first floor was built. The Zaporizhzhstal factory has arranged in the building of the Palace of Culture for metallurgists.
In 1968, another reconstruction of the structure was carried out. From the courtyard, a concert-dance hall, ballet and circus studios were added.

The building of the Zaporizhzhstal factory is located in the dining-club house till today.

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