You can find it by dropping off the Festyvalʹna Square till the Pryberezhna highway, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

«Tarasova pear» is a tree that has its unique, long-standing tradition. Historical data says that Taras Shevchenko himself stayed for the night under this pear when he came to Zaporizhzhia.

The tree is more than 200 years old. You can find it by dropping from the Festyvalʹna Square to the embankment of the highway. There is a single tree living on the fenced territory. This is the legendary pear, forgotten and hidden by a fence from the eyes of the townspeople. No sign. Only the protective fence around the tree pushes the idea of ​​its significance. It is said that Taras Shevchenko himself spent the night under this pear, being a pass in our region in 1843. Then she grew up in the courtyard of Prokop Bulat, a resident of the village of Voznesenka, who stayed for a few days with a poet (before the Soviet building, the white huts of the Voznesenka stretched from the modern street on April 12 to Pushkin Square). Shevchenko was on Khortitsa and in Oleksandrívs'k.


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