11, Druzhny passage, Zaporizhzhia

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Two five-storey two-section buildings that are part of the architectural ensemble of the residential complex number 3 of Social city. The buildings are located on both sides of the passage, framing the entrance to the circular courtyard, creating a kind of propylaea (gate) made on the basis of ancient architecture.

Built during the 1930s, during the period of construction of the Social city district number 3. The inner space of the district was well landscaped and tidy. The architectural composition of the district marked a fundamental change in the aesthetic ideal of urban planning of the Soviet era. The architectural composition was bright and individual, naturally combining principles inherent in constructivism and classicism. Building number 3 is one of the most outstanding examples of the architectural heritage of the 1930s and 1940s.

The name of the houses reveals their main purpose in the architectural ensemble of the district, because "propylaea" are gates that perform the functions of the front entrance,of passage and are symmetrically located to the axis of movement. Houses-propylaea improvise a gate to the courtyard of the Round House, consisting of a combination of two narrow parallelepipeds with stair ends. Special architectural features include the rounded openings of the facade (screens) and semicircular balconies.

The buildings are considered to be the prototype of the "propylaea" of the tomb of Evrysak, a character of ancient Roman mythology, and similar architectural elements were used to decorate the facades.

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