4/6/10/12, Metalurhiv Ave., Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Located along Metalurhiv avenue, consisting of four buildings that are a reflection of the architectural and social phenomenon of the last century, they embodied the proletarian idea of "public life", became a manifestation of the Soviet avant-garde performed by architect Olga Yafa.

The outermost buildings of this row are decorated with Armenian tuff, the central ones are plastered and painted white for contrast.

The outskirts buildings are simpler - rectangular in plan, interesting for their facades, which are decorated with blocks of artifical tuff, like the machine room of the Dniprohes. The curved volumes of the staircase windows resemble "thermometers" have an unusual shape. All the houses have flat roofs, which is a stylistic sign of constructivism.

The two central buildings are intricate in shape and form an area in the form of a courdoner with a central alley that intersects the courtyard space and leads into the courtyard.
The treatment of their facades contrasted with the outlying houses. The exterior walls of the central buildings were plastered and painted white, reflecting the theme of white architecture.

One- and two-bedroom apartments with shared kitchens, showers and toilets were designed in the homes.

The buildings have undergone a major overhaul, so the architectural ensemble of O. Yafa houses along the central axis has been closed by the construction of a new five-storey building. House on Metalurhiv avenue, 12, lost processing of facades tuff. The shape of windows and balconies has changed. There was a powerful expressive eaves on the modulations, the balconies acquired brackets.

But despite such major changes, they remain valuable architectural and urban landmarks.


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