175, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The 47-meter tower with a spire, a tent and a stucco is one of the works of the architect I. Kozliner, built in 1951 by the order of the Zaporizhzhia Coke Plant.

The 5-storey brick residential building consists of two buildings, which are connected by a section - an insert having a concave shape. Decorates the building through the archway to the courtyard with a fountain.

Particularly noteworthy is the architectural design of the tower, which serves as an internal staircase. The lower volume of the tower is deaf, slotted with liquid openings of windows and balcony doors to illuminate the interior space. The decorative design of the upper part of the tower is an example of the style of the "Soviet Empire".

The panoramic view of the entire city opens from the top level of the tower. In the design of the tower wedding the author used the technique of stylization of symbols and signs of the Soviet era. The wide belt in front of the last floor is decorated with a sticky motif of sickles and hammers.

Crowned by a tower lavishly decorated with heavy eaves on modulations. Concrete decorative sculptural ornaments on the type of acroteria are installed on the corners on the roof. Above is the illuminated glass tent. Composition ends with a spire with a five-pointed star.

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