9, Metalurhiv Ave., Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The complex was built in 1929 -1932. The town consisted of a hospital, a polyclinic, an ambulance, a pharmacy, and a farm building.

For the convenience of the residents, the construction site for the outpatient town was selected in the center of the village, among the residential buildings. The hospital building was located deep in the area - far from the city noise and dust. Behind the hospital were housed buildings of the clinic and business unit. Hospitals and clinics for medical staff convenience are connected by a passageway on the second floor.

Previously, there was a lovely square between the Metallurgical Avenue and the hospital building, today it is just a spacious yard. The facades of the buildings are made in the style of orthodox constructivism. On the third floor of the hospital, the flat roof served as a terrace for outdoor walks. The building itself is built of artic pink tuff, which was imported from Armenia.

Particularly at the time of development was the idea of the location of the operating unit - it was actually designed glass. The semicircular room was flanked by wide windows and a glass ceiling from above was a glass roof. Operating, as if hung in the air - with the ground it was connected to the supports. After the war, these architectural features unfortunately disappeared.

Outpatient town of Social City is still used today for its original purpose. In the architectural heritage of Zaporizhzhia, its buildings are a valuable monument of architecture and urban planning.


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