27a, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The construction of a showy and elegant house in the style of the late Art Nouveau was completed in 1909. It organically blended and became part of the perimeter development of the quarter.

The composition of the facades is marked by a rigorous and thorough study of the elements. The author has achieved complete unity and versatility. The main entrance to the house is located on the central axis of the facade along Troitska street.

The entrance and the corner parts of the house are accented with risalits with high attics of a complex silhouette. The risalits at the turning point of the house create a tower that rises significantly above the level of the eaves of the roof. The upper brick fence of the tower had a completion in the form of brick arches resting on corner posts, still they have not been preserved.

The architectural forms of the facades are endowed with special plastic expressiveness. At the level of the second floor, the risalits are decorated with rectangular balconies with a metal fence made in a pattern that matches the style of the house.

The architecture of the house is distinguished by a peculiarity of variations in texture, color, linear comparisons of piers and openings, by introducing an additional theme of silhouette.
The internal layout of the house is corridor.
The floors are connected by concrete two-flight staircases with metal railings, the pattern of which echoes that of the fencing of balconies. The name of the architect who designed the house project is unknown. In the city of Oleksandrivsk, given the high prices for design work, it was often practiced to order only facade designs from metropolitan architects. Other sections of the project were typically carried out by local engineers and technicians. Probably, this case also takes place.

Oleksandrivsk merchant Bilenkiy leased his profitable house to the Oleksandrivsk branch of the Russian Bank for Foreign Trade, which was founded in 1871 in St. Petersburg. Among its founders were the banking houses of Meyer, Gunzburg, and the brothers Elisha.

After nationalization, the building was transferred to the Alexander Union of Anarchists. In 1917 1919 he was visited by Nestor Makhno during his stay in the city of Oleksandrivsk.
Now the premises of the house are leased for offices and shops.


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