On the territory of Zaporizhzhia National University, Zhukovs'koho Street, Zaporizhzhia

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Yoseph Gladkyi (circa 1789-1866) - the last ataman of the Zadunayska Sich, the ataman of the Azov Cossack army, Major General.

For the courage and bravery shown during the assault on the fortress, Isakchi Gladkyi was awarded the Golden George Cross and colonel epaulettes. Then Gladkyi was appointed ataman of a separate Zaporizhzhia army.

In 1829 he received the nobility, along with the title he was granted the noble coat of arms: an image of a boat between two banks with a Russian flag and a coat of arms raised.

In 1830, Gladkyi was awarded a diamond ring, a year later - the Order of St. Anna of the 2nd degree, in 1840 - the Order of St. Vladimir of the 3rd degree, and in 1843 he received the rank of Major General.

In the years 1832-1851 he held the post of prescribed ataman of the Azov Cossack army. In 1851 he retired and lived in his own home in the Novospasivskiy village, after some time he bought the Novopetrivka farm and lived in it with his wife until 1862.

In 1862 he moved to the city of Oleksandrivsk. On Pokrovska Street, he lived in his own house (in 1980, ataman's house was destroyed during the construction of the hospital).

In the summer of 1866, Gladkyi went to the Ekaterinoslavska Fair and there he became infected with cholera from which he died. He was buried at the Filipovske cemetery, which was located next to the Oleksandrivsk Girl’s High School.

During residential development, the grave with the remains of Gladkyi was transferred to the territory of Zaporizhzhia National University. In 1967, a pink granite slab was installed on the grave. In 1992, a reconstruction was carried out during which a granite cross was installed on the grave on a granite basement with a tombstone with an inscription. Under the text were placed images of Cossack paraphernalia - clubs with a saber. On the front and back sides of the pedestal of the cross is dedication. Lagutenko became the architect of the updated grave monument.

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