18, Poshtova Street/ 21, Pokrovskaya street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The house belonged to the merchant of the 2nd guild, the burgomaster, since 1872 the mayor of the city of Oleksandrivsk - Zakharyin P.L.

The exact date of construction of the house is unknown. The house was rebuilt many times to adapt to various needs.

Initially, the P-shaped building with a basement was one-story. The main facade overlooked the Pokrovskyi street overlooking the Sviato-Pokrovskyi Cathedral.

The first major reconstruction of the house was carried out in the 1860s - it was then that the second floor was completed. The architectural solution of the completion turned out to be very harmonious. For a more complete perception of the entire structure, the main facades of the building were plastered. To climb to the second floor from the courtyard, two outdoor outdoor stairs were added. In those years, this was the most common technique for the superstructure of the second floors.

In 1866, in the city of Oleksandrivsk, a local government was formed - the county zemstvo. At first, the zemstvo did not have its own premises and rented a house from the merchant Zakharyin. Zakharyin's estate at that time consisted of a two-story iron-covered stone house, two one-story houses - stone and wooden with log cabins and two storerooms.

By 1875, the Administration was located at this address. Later, the county telegraph office was located here. The house will continue to be rebuilt: there will be another two-story superstructure to the right wing of the house from the Pokrovskyi street.

During the First World War, the house housed a military hospital. During the Second World War, during the occupation in 1942-1943, there was also a hospital here, but for the Germans officers. After the war, the building was again adapted for the post office, which is located here today.


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