31, Poshtova Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

At the initiative of the Oleksandrivsk merchant Kurzhupov, in 1906, construction began on a two-story brick house on the corner of Olexandrivska and Pokrovska Streets. The project was carried out by Zemstvo technician Alekseev. Construction was completed the following year.

In 1908, the city government issued a permit for the construction of a courtyard outhouse. In 1913, a two-story outbuilding was built in the courtyard, which housed classes, carpentry, an office, a museum, and a library of the Teacher’s Seminary. For which, since the construction was completed, the city has leased most of the premises from Kurzhupov.

The main facade goes to the main line of the street. The house is two-story, with dark red brick, U-shaped in plan, the roof is complex under the slate.

It is made in a brick style, the composition of the main facade is symmetrical-axial. The axes are underlined by weakly protruding risalits, which are crowned with decorative pediments.

In the risalits, the main entrance to the room from the side of Oleksandrivska Street, and the arch to enter the courtyard from Pokrovska Street, is today laid. The corner part is distinguished by a powerful risalit crowned by a tower, above which was an elegant tetrahedral poppy, which, unfortunately, has not been preserved.

The lintels of the window openings alternate: rectangular and circular. In the decor of windows there are platbands of a complex profile and castle stones. The piers between the windows are partially rusted by pilasters.

The facade ends with a complex profiled cornice on the brackets. Internal enfilade planning is completely changed today.

The house housed the classes of the teacher’s seminary, the cinema Coliseum, the chancellery of the Oleksandrivsk Committee of Leather Affairs.

During World War I in 1915, 600 soldiers were stationed on the second floor of the outbuilding, and in the spring of 1917, 300 Serbian lower ranks and captured Austrian soldiers.

In 1950-1960 there was a sports complex Labor Reserves. Now here is the training center for the Olympic reserve.


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