37, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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The Holy Intercession Bishops' Cathedral is a monument of religious architecture and urban planning of local importance.

The first church, which was located on the site of today's Holy Intercession Bishops' Cathedral, was built in 1778 mainly from wood.

In 1886, on the site of the former Intercession Church, the Holy Intercession Cathedral was founded, which was destroyed in the 30s of the 20th century.

In 1993, it was decided to recreate the Holy Intercession Bishops' Cathedral in its original form. The construction of the temple lasted 14 years.

Architect Dmytro Romanov found photographs of the cathedral in the Synodal Archive of St. Petersburg, which stood on the site of the reconstruction of the church until the beginning of the October 1917 revolution. Designers studied in detail the architectural features of the church on Soborny Square and were able to develop drawings for the construction of a new church.

The new church was an exact copy of the main church of Oleksandrivsk, which was destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Today the temple is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country 53 meters high with a vivid image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a rare iconostasis in the Ukrainian Baroque style.

The iconostasis was probably created in 1730. For over 200 years he was in the church of Archangel Michael in one of the rural parishes of Podillia. It is possible that before the ancient iconostasis, the Cossacks prayed for the strengthening of the Orthodox faith. In 1938, when the church was finally destroyed, the iconostasis was in a private collection and prepared to be exported abroad. But later it was transferred to the Zaporizhzhia diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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