To the south of the girder Shiroka, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Unique microclimate and a special ecosystem that is not present in the world. Only here are 250 species of animals, 120 species of birds and practically all the plants from the Red Book. An ideal place for harmony with nature and establishing energy balance.

The ancient steppe is a fantastically picturesque coastal strip of the island of Khortytsia, which is covered with the most valuable world of steppe herbage. This is one of the few parts of the present steppe that the plow has never touched. Of course, this is not the only place on Khortytsia where the real steppe meets, but it is one of the largest: its length reaches 2 kilometers, the width is about 100 meters throughout the entire stretch from the Shyroka to the Chernyahivka beam. The uniqueness of this part of the Khortytsia coast lies not only in the fact that here is a rich world of steppe herbs. Its peculiarity is that here along the coastline several landscapes merge – a wide channel of the Old Dnieper, high rocks of Khortytsia, a golden steppe and incredibly picturesque beams and gullies that cut into the steppe.


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Memorial and tourist complex Skiphskyi stan

1,00 km. The central part of the island of Khortytsia, 4 km from the turn to "CIMET" on the way to the "Equestrian Theater", Zaporizhzhia

(096) 254-12-09


The National Reserve «Khortytsia»

1,38 km. Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

(096) 254-12-09


The Verhnia Holova Rock

1,38 km. Near the tract Black rock in the northern part of the island, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia


Old Dnipro

1,51 km. Zaporizhzhia


Preobrazhenskyi Bridges

2,27 km. In the bridges abut on the left bank Tulenina Street, on the right – Doblesna Street, Zaporizhzhia


Observation platform the Khortytsia arboretum

2,71 km. Khortytsia Island, ZIMET bus stop, Zaporizhzhia


Museum of shipping «Seagull»

2,71 km. Zaporizhzhia, Khortytsia Island, Ovochedska st., you can get to the pavilion by turning from the track at the Equestrian Theater shield and further along the asphalt road, following the signs.

(096) 254-12-09

Conference halls

Conference hall Reikartz Zaporizhzhia

2,78 km. 19 Maiakovskoho Аve., Zaporizhzhia

(061) 228-44-90

Hotels with swimming pool

Reikartz Zaporizhia Hotel

2,78 km. Mayakovsʹkoho Avenue, 19, Zaporizhzhia

(061) 228-44-90

What to see

Zaporozhzhia Horse Theater

2,81 km. 23, Zapovidna st., Zaporizhzhia

(061) 701-24-81