The central part of the island of Khortytsia, 4 km from the turn to "CIMET" on the way to the "Equestrian Theater", Zaporizhzhia

About the place

It consists of 3 real mounds over 2 thousand years old, their age can be compared with the famous Egyptian pyramids, when the history of civilized humanity was just beginning its journey.

Also on the territory of the museum are 8 reconstructed mounds. The largest mound is called the Zorova Mogyla, the name comes from the word zoryty (watching), at different times it was used as an observation post for the surrounding territory.

In addition, in the northwestern part of the complex there is a lapidary, paved with a stone in a mystical circle with stone keepers of history located along its contours collected throughout the Zaporizhzhia region in the form of Cimmerian, Scythian and Polovtsian sculptures, way posts, grave crosses and household items (troughs, quern-stones, metate, threshing stone).

The open-air museum of stone works, in which artifacts are taken, is an area of ​​almost 1 hectare thoroughly cut through winding paths of the territory with stone witnesses-exhibits of the past.

The complex was created and opened in 2005. The largest surviving Khortytsia mounds is the Zorova Mogyla; a copy of the sculpture of a Scythian warrior is installed on the mound. At the beginning of the twentieth century. on the island of Khortytsia, there were 129 mounds. Of the 28 burial grounds that once belonged to the Zorova Mogyla mound group, only 3 have survived today. In 2005, archaeologists reconstructed another 8 mounds, one of which was investigated and restored, two were restored to the site of the destroyed ones, and the rest were mounds and the Arei sanctuary .

The open-air museum has collected many stone artifacts: a quern-stones (a symbol of prosperity and fertility), a threshing stone (a device for threshing grain), a mortar and pestle (for crushing grain), statues, anthropomorphic steles, etc.

Until 2006, the Zorova Mogyla on the mound was the oldest triangulation (geodesic) mark in Ukraine, established in 1922, and now it is located under the mound.

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