at the entrance to the right bank with the rowing of the Dniproges, Grebel'na Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

In 1959, a monument was erected on the grave of Soviet soldiers of the 60th, 203rd, 244th rifle divisions of the 12th army of the 3rd Ukrainian front of the Second World War, which held the bridgehead until December 12, 1943. Among the buried, almost one and a half thousand names of the victims are known - among which are Heroes of the Soviet Union Smolenskyi, Begenov, Dudykina.

In 1975, reconstruction was carried out: a polished granite slab was installed on the grave. In the center was installed a bronze sculpture of the Motherland. To the left of the grave is an inclined concrete stele on which 40 granite slabs with the names of the buried are fixed. In front of the stela there are reinforced concrete blocks lined with granite slabs on which reinforced concrete figures are mounted, followed by a bronze laurel wreath on a granite slab.

An artillery cannon Howitzer, in a small area covered with granite, was installed near the square at a transport stop. Dubinin became the sculptor of the monument to fallen soldiers.


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