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On the right-bank beach, very close to the DniproHES dam, overlooking the plants and factories. The huge pipes of modern workshops, production, did not stop for almost 100 years.

Industrial dunes seem to take you to another planet. Breathtaking industrial greatness - a real Park of the industrial period of our time, towering above the residential area of ​​the Zavodskyi district, will not leave anyone indifferent.

First of all, at your fingertips, to the majestic and incredible giant - the DniproHES dam. The powerful structure rises above the Dnipro, inspiring respect and even fear with one look.

In addition to the DniproHES dam, from here you can see the river port, located on the opposite, left, bank of the Dnipro. He began to work in 1932, along with the opening of the DneproHES hydrotechnical unit, when the famous Dnipro rapids were hidden by a blanket cover. Thanks to this, two years later, in 1934, the Zaporizhzhia harbor and the Dnipro lock were opened.

The port is the river gate of the city, it passes through it self 6 million tons of cargo per year. In addition to cargo, the port accepts passenger ships, both suburban and all-Ukrainian, and even international.

It is simply impossible to look at the industrial site without paying attention to its main giant - the Zaporizhstal plant - it is a metallurgical plant, which is one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Europe. The plant began its work back in 1933, namely on November 16, the first smelting of cast iron was issued at blast furnace № 1.

Near the Zaporizhstal plant you can see several more enterprises, including Dniprospetsstal, Zaporizhvohnetryv, Zaporizhzhia Titanium-Magnesium Plant, which comprise the metallurgical complex of the industrial city on the Dnipro - Zaporizhzhia.

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