71, Poshtova Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built during 1901-1902 with public funds, for mass meetings. Architecturally, the People’s House was built with features typical of theatrical buildings of pre-revolutionary times.

Performances and lectures were delivered in the audience hall, and cinema began to work in August 1901.

In June 1917, the building was transferred to the disposal of the city. At the same time, part of the premises was allocated to the Prosvita Society free of charge.

The building of the People’s House and the Prosvita Society are associated with the activities of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen in 1918 in Olexandrivsk, who helped the Oleksandrivsk Prosvita in the process of Ukrainianization of the city, participated in the publication of the Ukrainian weekly Sich and the establishment of the theater.

In January 1919, the first youth gatherings were held here, at which the socialist union of working youth in the city of Oleksandrivsk was formed.

In April 1919, the Red Army Workers Club named after Lenin was opened in the house. In October 1920, the museum and the archive of the city were placed here, headed by the famous local historian Novitsky.

In 1927, the People's House was named after V. Lenin. In 1928, the poet Mayakovsky performed in this house.

According to the post-war period, until 1990 a cinema was located, then for some time the building was used by the Orthodox religious community.

In the 2000s, its condition was significantly worsened due to the use of most of the premises as household warehouses, in connection with which, in 2005, reconstruction and restoration was carried out in accordance with the projects of the beginning of the 20th century. Today the building is not used.



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