11/12, St. Nicholas Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built on the initiative of physician Ber to open a private hospital. This is evidenced by the remains of the inscription Ber Maternity Shelter on the facade.

During its existence, the shelter provided free assistance to absolutely all women in labor, regardless of origin. In addition, the hospital had an ophthalmological and surgical department.

Of the few establishments since the opening, the building still retains its original purpose.

Built in 1910, it is a two-story brick house with a semi-basement in the rear, has a P - shaped in plan form, with a rounded outer facade.

The building of the hospital of the maternity shelter Ber is one of the best structures of the city in the style of northern Art Nouveau, it is distinguished by high architectural and planning qualities for its time.

The internal layout is corridor, in the residential block - sectional type. Between the main wing and the residential block on the courtyard side there is a terrace on a brick foundation, over which there is a balcony on round metal supports.

The building has two entrances from the side of Sviatoho Mykolaia Street and one from the courtyard (in the residential part) and the associated three-march cage with two-march stone stairs.

The floors of the building are flat - they are supported by a longitudinal wall along the beams. The roof is hip, iron on wooden rafters. Facades of open brickwork, compiled according to the Gothic (baptized) system, the basement is faced with granite blocks with a chipped surface.

Medical services at Ber Hospital were free of charge, patient care, medicines, if necessary, underwear and medical supplies were also provided free of charge. All expenses were compensated by the city government, that is, it was actually a municipal hospital.

The institution was often visited by residents of the Mennonite colony of Shenvise (now the area of ​​the auto plant). In 1914, the hospital, which could accommodate 50 beds for junior officers, was noted in the list of medical facilities in Oleksandrivsk that were used as hospitals.

Under the guidance of physician Ber and the guardianship of the Shenvise Mennonite community, surgical care was provided to the wounded soldiers. In Soviet times, the hospital was completely transformed into a maternity hospital.

Today, the hospital building of the Ber Maternity Shelter is the №1 city maternity hospital.

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