7, Bazarna Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

A two-story brick, rectangular house with a basement, built of ceramic red brick, lined with high-quality brick.

In the architectural solution, it represents the brick style of late eclecticism as a whole and bears the imprint of the artistic heritage of the Renaissance and classics.

The brick style has become a symbol of the practical directions of the new century, the material and style of mass cheap construction in the province. The possibilities of masonry became a means of expressiveness, a style-forming factor of initial importance, which expressed the taste and social movement of the corresponding time.

The house is decorated with a balcony on the second floor with a wrought iron fence and a lace canopy on elegant wrought iron posts. Forging a similar pattern used to adorn the entrance to the house - the main entrance on the right and the entrance to the basement on the left (which is laid today).

Above the windows of the second floor a frieze is made, on which the inscription Pharmacy is placed, on the side facade at the same level was the inscription Pharmacy A.E. Rihter (now it is closed later by a five-story building attached).

Against the background of modest provincial buildings, Rihter's profitable building stood out for its monumentality. The archival materials found the first evidence of the house in 1908, which indicated that in addition to acquiring medicines at the Rihter pharmacy, it was possible to use the medical services of the doctor Kronik.

After 1917, Rihter's house was nationalized and Uvijskkomdez was placed in it. Since May 1921, the Office for the Registration and Distribution of Labor was located in the house, and in June of the same year, a county commission to combat labor desertion began its work here.
Now here is located the communal repair and construction enterprise of the Zaporizhzhia city council - Zelenbud.


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